As per your required sheet Panel backed with 12mm gypsum board having a flame resistance to BS 1142 with proper supports . Supplying and installation, testing & commissioning of pre fabricated modular operation theater wall & Ceiling Panel with 1.5mm thick of EGP and SS 304 sheet.



We offer a wide range of plan air system (SS 304 / Aluminium) to reduce airborne bacteria in an operation theater.The unidirectional laminar flow system delivers the clean filtered optimum air into the area in which the operation to be performed and sterile equipment’s are exposed. Creative range of ceiling systems reduces the risk of post-operative infection. The system is designed to allow the client to select from a variety of lighting and diffuser arrangements to suit the specific requirements of the operating team.The ceiling consist of a plenum box supplied with conditioned air from the central system via S class HEPA filters mounted onthe inlet to the supply ceiling. All ceiling incorporate supports tosecure them to the main structural frame of the modular operating theatre, or structural slab. Integral lighting providesan illumination level in excess of 1500-lux at the patient siteand having electronic dimming system without flicker.

  • Material

    Mostly there are two kind of diffuser used in the modular OT’s one is with cloth diffuser and other id SS304/Aluminium perforated sheet. You can see in the pics, light is glowing in the cloth diffuser and sheet is viewing in perforated sheet.


Distribution of exhaust air volume between fluff strainers top should be 400 m3/hr and bottom 600 m3/hr. Fixed type exhaust air cabinet (non-openable) type should not be supplied. The air cabinets should have suction from top as well as from bottom. The openable and cleanable return-air exhaust cabinets should be provided in the operation theater. Designed flow rate should not be less than 1000 m3/hr. tom.


 X-ray viewing screens(any size) meet the electrical safety codes for high and low voltage system. The theater is to be equipped with a 2-plate X-ray viewing screen, incorporating high efficiency electronic ballasts, and electronic digital dimming control (100% to 10%) circuit to provide flicker free luminescence for the film viewing purpose. it can be installed flushed with theater wall for hygienic and ease of cleaning purpose or desktop model. The X-Ray viewing screen is designed for the purpose of front access. x-ray viewing screens provides high levels of luminous density from 4000 to 5400 cd/sqm. The range of X-ray viewing screens is ideally suited for general, surgical and dental use in modern hospitals. The glare free diffuser has spring loaded white clips to secure the x-ray.

  • Properties

    The flush and wall mounted models are supplied with 2 meters of heat resistant cable, with plug, available in one, two, three, plate models.


It should be of 610×610 mm size for disposal of dirty linen/waste to non-sterile store with Door open/close indication. Each Hatch should be equipped with two doors and the door should be operated electronically.



Equipment Boom System having single shelves of minimum 900mm size for various medical devices having a load bearing capacity (Articulating) of minimum 150 Kg.

Top-arm Rotation &Lower-arm Rotation of at-least 330o & Service-head rotation of at-least 330o,  having a provision of mounting  the equipment boom arm. Service Points/Outlets :Have a minimum of 6 no.’s of standard Medical Gas Service outlets & at-least 8 no. of standard duplex conditioned Electrical Service outlets.


Storage Unit should be made out of 1.50 mm thick AISI-304 Stainless steel/ GI. The storage unit should be divided 2 or more parts and each part should have individual glass doors with high quality locking system. The doors should be installed on the storage units with the help of imported fittings allowing an opening allowance of 160 degree. Size: 850x1650x350mm or as per OT Size


(Pressure Relif Damper)

Damper Pressure Relief Dampers will be provided in each theater top revent contamination of air from clean and dirty area. Suitably sized air pressure relief damper will be strategically placed,enabling differential room pressure to be maintained and ensure that when doors are opened between clean and dirty areas. Counter- weight balancing system will be provided in the PRD to The PRD will remain closed at pressure below the set pressure only fractionally above the threshold pressure. Allied PRD has First class electrolyzed steel plate for body and high grade SS304 stainless steel blades, which pivot upon sealed for lifetime maintenance free bearing assemblies



Air handling unit with double skin ,5 micron filter , 3200 cfm , three phase electrical connection require . 8.5 TR. Ac coil and blower .with outdoor AC Unit .


Providing of 2mm thick conductive PVC flexible homogeneous compacted floor covering in roll of size 2mtrs x 20 mtrs. having total weight 3060 g/m2, suitable for use in labs, OT’s etc. and conforming to static electrical charge EN 1081  104 ≤ Rt ≤ 106ohms and Electrical resistance – ANSI / ESD 7.1 (ohms) > 2.5 x 104 ≤ Rt ≤ 106 ohms with incorporated carbon encapsulated granules throughout its full thickness and has a conductive backing to ensure optimal and constant conductive properties throughout its full life expectancy.  Its surface should be densely compacted for improving wear and ease of maintenance.

  • More Details

    It should have anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties and should complies with the EN 685 (34-43) and K5 (Group ‘P’) wear rating as per EN649 and should have residual indentation of 0.03mm as per EN433. It should also confirm to class Bfl-s1 in flammability test as per EN13501-1, slip resistance of R9 as per DIN51 130 class & colour fastness > 6 as per EN20 105-B02.



The fluorescent lamps 54 W 16mm Ø- 3 nos / Non-hygroscopic high glow low power LED based /digital blast peripheral lights (1’x2’) having high quality low wattage LED lighting system with highly spectacular anodized Aluminum reflectors and optical anti glare system for adjustable light distribution.

Luminaire cover made of highly resistant, disinfectant proof laminated safety glass with fine grained surface, glass pane with white powder coated steel frame. Luminaire body made of sheet steel, white, powder coated supplied ready for connection.



Uses hermetically sealed sliding doors, to maintain satirically and the correct air pressure in the room, which requires less valuable space than hinged doors.The door can be operated manually or automatically with microprocessor based electronic automation system.Meets international quality and safety requirements.Electrical safety codes for high and low voltage system The door frame is made out of high quality anodized aluminium extrusion and the door panel is made out of compact laminated board that can withstand high abrasions.

The door will run on rubber rollers and guided with nylon runner guides which are fixed to the door in such a way that they do not obstruct trolley movement through the door.The controller will be capable of either being operated by elbow switches/foot Switches, radar switch (touch less sensor). All doors will be able to be operated manually easily in the event of failure power supply or the automation unit.

  • Size

    Vision Window : 300mm x 300mm Environment Temperature : -20°C to +55°C.Starting time will be able to regulate from 5 second to 20 second and starting speed will be 600mm per second.

  • Material

    Motor : Brush less DC Motor Noise level of movement : Less then 60 decibel.Controller : Microprocessor Based.The Track : Single piece extruded aluminium.


Theater Control Panel All the controls for the modular operation theater are provided on a membrane type, micro controller based electronic control mounted in the theater wall panel. These tiles as below. Time of Days Clock Elapsed Time Clock Temperature Display / Control Humidity Display / Control Lighting Control / Dimming Medical Gas Alarm Systems Hands Free Telephone HEPA Filter Status Indicator OT Pressure Indicator All high voltage equipment will be installed in a separate enclosure can be positioned up to 250 meter away, allowing maintenance to be carried out with minimum disturbance. The remote cabinet consists of operating lamp transformers, remote relay card, electrical distribution equipment and circuit protection equipment for all circuits within the operating theater.

  • More Details

    Control panel meet the electrical safety codes for high and low voltage systems. The control panel is user friendly and case of operating and maintenance purpose. The fascia is made with superior quality UV resistance membrane with sterilization feature.

  • Size

    The control panel may consist 6 Tiles or 9 Tiles. We can develop the product as per requirement of customer.


Electrical Distribution Board along with all high voltage equipment should be installed in a separate enclosure. Electric Distribution Panel, UPS, Transformers, Mains, Relays, Circuit protective equipment, for all circuits of Operation theatre shall be installed in the remote cabinet.



 surgical scrub sink is designed for use in OT complex providing Surgeons with a convenient sink for pre OT scrub up.The scrub station is made of high grade stainless steel and seamless welded construction, polished to a stain finish. The scrub sinks to be provided with a front access panel which includes infrared sensor (hands free operation) built-in with timer setting of 1 to 10 minutes depending on customer requirement.

  • Properties

    The system is fully assembled with Thermostatic mixing valve to maintain constant water temperature of cold and hot water,solenoid valve control, foot operated manual operation and soap dispenser. The scrub sink station may be 1-Bay, 2-Bay,and 3-Bay as per requirement.


The internal ducting till the existing AHU system of the Operating theater should be done as per ISI-655 duly fabricated out of 22 swg Aluminum sheet complete with flanges and accessories such as GI suspenders and GI supports completely sealed with  Silicon sealant duly insulated with Aluminum foil Nitrite rubber self adhesive type insulation.

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